Doggy Daycare

Professional care for small to medium-sized dogs. 

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Doggy Daycare in Houston Texas

The Paws Paradise’s doggy daycare experience is your best friends favorite time of the day. At Paws Paradise we work hard to make sure your pet feels at home. Whether you need it for 1 or more dogs. We have got you covered! Our staff will make sure your furry friend has everything they need to achieve calmness in a stress-free environment. 

How does daycare work?

Our style of daycare is safe and fun. We offer a great range of activities and socialization with other dogs. You first have to register with us and schedule an evaluation. Dogs are evaluated on their size, age, health, play style, and temperament. This ensures that all of the dogs enjoy their time in a safe, care-free environment that is less likely to cause them stress.

Doggy Daycare

1 Credit = 1 Day/Dog
If you have 2 dogs you will use 2 credits/day.

Packages Price
1 Credit $20
10 Credits $200
20 Credits $360
30 Credits $540

*Packages must be pre-paid. Packages expire 3 months from purchase date.**

1 Credit: $20

10 Credits: $200

20 Credits: $360

30 Credits: $540

*Packages must be pre-paid. Packages expire 3 months from purchase date.**

Register Today

in 3 easy steps

Schedule an Evaluation

You can register by email or call us to schedule an evaluation. Drop off is from 7 am-10 am.

Upload Your Records

Please make sure you, email, upload or bring in your dog's vaccination records.

A Dogs Safe Heaven

Once registered, he/she will be able to remain in the play group and meet new furry friends.

24/7 Camera Access

Keep track of your pup,
your pouch is a click away

Safe Play Time

We provide 8-10 hours of supervised off-leash open play 

Trusted Experts

Our staff is trained in handling and caring for dogs

Top Level Care

Customized experience to enhance comfortability

Contact Us

Complete this form and ask about our Daycare and Boarding services for your best friend.


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